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Wine is one of those things which used to be a delicacy or saved for romance. Champagne was for celebrations, Red was for a dinner on a balcony with roses, white was to enjoy by a fire with a loved one. Well things have changed and wine has become an essential part of todays culture. And I say good for the USA for jumping into the arena. Wine isn't just for pairing with your favorite foods, it is now for toasting, for company, for discussion, for collecting and for fun.

This section of my site is where you will find reviews of bottles of wines which I have dranken or had with friends. I will write the review while we are enjoying it to really give you the full effect. Since I don't drink everynight or all the time, and I always have muktiple bottles in my apartment, it will take time to show you the beauty of my favorites, however you should be able to find at least one more reviewed a week. I am also including links to different sites online where you can order bottles of wine single or by the case and you should be able to find quite a few of the ones reviewed.

On with the show!



sparkling or Champagne

Based in the USA: Order and Send Wine Instantly Online

An online wine shop based in the UK: Laithwaites - Special Introductory Offer

A fabulous wine alternative: Absinthe - Discover the Mystery Ignite your next party with the Czech Absinthe ritual. Buy for the experience, buy for the effect.

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