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Washington DC is the perfect city to have your gay wedding or gay honeymoon in. Not only is it one of the most gay friendly and liberal cities in the entire United States, but it has tons of history and romantic activities to keep you occupied on your special trip.

Washington D.C. offers a variety of gay nightlife and gay neighborhoods, sometimes joked as the Gayborhoods, to accomodate all types of couples who are ready to share their special nights and days.

Washington DC boasts numerous museums including the smithsonians which contain the Wright Brothers Airplane, The Muppets, The Hope Diamond and a heck of a lot more all for free. To find out more about museums and things to do in Washington D.C. visit the attractions link in the left toolbar.

DC is also home to many fabulous 5 star restaraunts and great eateries alike including Citronelle, Bistro Bi's, Mei and Ewe, Butterfield 9 (which is going downhill), Tapeo, Lebanese Taverna and that is just a fraction of the straight but gay friendly restaraunts of this city.

DC boasts dozens of gay owned and opertaed clubs, bars, restaraunts and eateries. It is home to gay sports teams and leagues including Kickball, Rugby, Crew, Softball, Volleyball and much, much more. All of them are welcoming to new people and if you are the jock type, what better way to spend the afternoon after your wedding than by watching a gay sports team play competitive sports. Your supporting the community, doing something you enjoy with someone you love, and in a very gay friendly city.

Besides the museums, Washington DC has some of the most famous tourist attractions in the Country including the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, The Capital Building, the Jefferson Memorial, Iwo Jima, Arlington Cemetary and a heck of a lot more!

Please keep browsing through this section to find what you are looking for and as always I enjoy hearing reviews and posting reviews and stories about your trips to good old Gay Washington DC. Please submit all articles, reviews, etc.... to adam @

On a side note, to help keep this site up and running, please use the banners to do your hotel bookings and ticket reservations for shows etc... so we can keep the site a free resource and continue to add new and informative stores and adventures to it. Enjoy and as always, if you have anything you would like to add to this section or have a destination, resource etc.... please write me at adam and submit your articles.